The first step I take in any new design project is research. It is imperative that the asset creatively conveys the right message. What better way to understand the scope that doing a bit of research? I like to dive into all aspects of the company to get the full picture. As I say quite often, every creative asset should tell a story. I'm here to make that happen!



Practice makes perfect, right? Well, I'd like to think so. Welcome to my drawing board, my thought bubble, and my good ol' sketchbook. This stage in the process is like a big sneeze of ideas! I turn up the volume on my playlist, and get to drawing. My goal is to develop a solid set of concepts to present to my clients. From that, we tweak as needed and then.... 



And well, here we are! The final product. Once my client is ecstatically pleased with the design and all minor adjustments have been made, it's time for file preparation and delivery. I ensure that you have the most fitting file types for your specific uses. Do you need printing services? If so, that's the next and final step in the design process. I can help you with that!


Branch Manager, C&S Insurance

"I am always impressed with Lindsay's attention to detail and her meticulous approach to research, which results in beautiful and creative designs. She has truly been a joy to work with!"

Co-Founder, Moonlight Meadery

"Moonlight Meadery has partnered with Lindsay on several label designs and other projects. She's been very patient with our team and has successfully navigated working with multiple people who often have different directions to go in."

Owner, All Aboard Event Planning

"Lindsay is very responsive and professional, a true gem to work with. She will bring your business to life and help you portray exactly what you are looking for to target your ideal clients."